Spanish Basics: #1 greetings and introductions

Knowledge is Power’s first lesson, and it’s Spanish! These lessons will be for beginners, don’t worry and good luck! 

Hello to all the dreamers, travelers and adventurers! Because this is the first lesson, the introduction, it will mostly be in English. When we get deeper into it, I will mostly write in the language that the lesson is in. For now I’ll just write it in English. I hope you’re ready to learn a lot and have fun doing it.

We’ll start with the basics, if your first language is English you probably won’t be used to seeing a few of the Spanish alphabet’s letters so here it is.

El abecedario en español:

Now that we got that out of the way, we can get into the good stuff— the greetings.

Hola! Mi nombre es __________ y mi/s apellido/s es/son ____________.

Hello! My name is ___________and my last name/s is/are __________.

¿Por qué quieres empezar a aprender español? 

Why do you want to start learning Spanish?

Porque ___.

a) me gusta mucho aprender

b) siempre he querido

c) estaba aburrida/o

Because ___.

a) I love to learn

b) I’ve always wanted to

c) I was bored 

Espero que hayas disfrutado y entendido esta pequeña introducción al español, es un idioma hermoso, y estoy súper emocionada para lo para lo que está próximo a venir en esta serie. 

Hope you enjoyed and understood this little introduction to Spanish, it’s a beautiful language and I’m super excited for what is yet to come in this series. 

¡Y recuerda que toda quimera es posible si trabajas lo suficiente! ¡Desafía el significado!

And remember that every chimera is posible if you work hard enough! Defy the meaning!

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