Spanish Basics: #1 greetings and introductions

Knowledge is Power’s first lesson, and it’s Spanish! These lessons will be for beginners, don’t worry and good luck!  Hello to all the dreamers, travelers and adventurers! Because this is the first lesson, the introduction, it will mostly be in English. When we get deeper into it, I will mostly write in the language that the lesson is in. For now I’ll just write it … Continue reading Spanish Basics: #1 greetings and introductions

Knowledge Is Power

Free lessons on various topics. I’m pretty good at Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and obviously English.  I’ll be posting weekly! If you have any requests feel free to comment! I’ll be updating you on my social media so be sure to follow me there also. Snapchat: AlluringChimera Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Tumblr Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Like my … Continue reading Knowledge Is Power